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All articles by Ida Little except where noted.


All in a Day’s Sail: Sailing the Bullseye
Sail Magazine, September 2011

It’s a Shoal Draft Thing: Cruising Presto in FL Bay with Thorfinn
Sail Magazine, June 2012

Canoe Sailing: Me and My Boat
Sail Magazine, August 2013

Everglades Canoe
Small Craft Advisor, September/October 2013

Along a Rocky Shore (cruising Maine)
Sail Magazine, September 2013

Everglades Canoe
Small Craft Advisor, September/October 2013

Nova Scotia: Nature Lovers’ Delight
Cruising World, December 2014

Sailing Canoe
Sail, August 2014

The Nuts and Boats of Sail Camping
Sail, September 2015

Cayo Costa by Sailing Canoe
Small Craft Advisor, January/February 2019


Kismet Under Sail
Sailing, January 1990, photo

Beachcomber in Bennett’s Creek, Cat Island
Sailing, May 1991, photo

Cruising the Edges
Sailing, August 1991

Way Out in the Abacos
Sailing, November 1991

Excerpts from *Beachcruising and Coastal Camping*
Sailing, May 1992
Ida Little and Michael Walsh

Anchor and Line Innovations
Yachting, January 1994
Michael Walsh

Sailing, June 1994

Shoal Hopping
Sailing, October 1994
Warren Bailey

Snaking through the Georgia Isles
Sailing, March 1996

Long Island Bahamas
Sailing, August 1998

Living Aboard 18' Draft
Cruising World, October 1998
Michael Walsh

Beach-Cruising: A little boat and big stretch of shoreline create an idyllic day trip
The Cape Cod Times, August 1996

The Care and Feeding of Boats
Outside, October 1996

Starry, Starry Night
Outside, November 1996

Why Cruise?
Cruising World, October 1998

Going Backstage: Cruising Backside Abaco
Sail, April 1997

Getting Started
Sailing Magazine, March 1998

A Sight for Soaring Eyes
The Cape Cod Times, August 1998

The Delight of Nothingness: Remote Long Island
Sail, April. 1998

Close to Home Close to the Water
Sailing Magazine, August 1998

The Thin-Water Alternative
A Shoal Draft Thoroughbred
Cruising World, October 1998

A Day In the Life Of a Small Boat Cruiser
Sail, October 1999


In Praise of the Beachable Boat
Cruising World, August 1984

Cruising through a Birdbath:
Florida Bay by Sailing Canoe
Sail, April 1984

Bahama Sojourn
Small Boat Journal, March 1984

A Whole New Adventure
Motor Boating & Sailing, Month 19XX

Bahama Nomads
Holiday, September/October 19XX

Getting Intimate: Martinique by Sailing Canoe
Sail, December 1981

Dugong: A 26' Cruising Canoe by Phil Bolger
Small Boat Journal, August/Sepeptember 1981

Sailing Alone: An Inner Journey
Sail, May 1977

Sailing Canoe into Solitude
Sail, Month 19XX

The Endless Vacation
Mother Earth News, January/February 1977


We Live an Endless Tropical Vacation
The Mother Earth News, Jan/Feb 1977

Canoe Cruising in the Bahamas and Canada
Sail, June 1976

Cruise into Solitude: Bahama Nomads
Holiday, Sep/Oct 1975

Canoe Cruising: A New Lifestyle
Motor Boating and Sailing, December 1974

Shipwreck! The Story of Sheldrake, a 40' ketch
The Valdosta Daily Times, May 1973